The purpose of the Idaho Prosperity Fund (IPF) is to promote and strive for the improvement of government at the state and Local level by encouraging and stimulating business and their employees to take a more active and effective part in government. We seek to encourage business to understand the nature of and actions of elected leaders as they pertain to the protection of the free enterprise system. The IPF will assist business to be an effective political voice espousing the princiles of the free enterprise system.

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Idaho Prosperity Fund Contribution

The IPF will financially assist candidates for Statewide, Legislative and Local office through independent expenditures and/or direct contributions for candidates who demonstrate commitment to the ideals of a free market society, who believe in the rights of the individual, and who are committed to preserving the free enterprise system. The IPF will also financially assist political issues of statewide significance.

Any contribution from an IACI member is appreciated. IACI has created a series of special categories for higher contribution levels.

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