Affiliate Members

Members include Chambers of Commerce, Assosciations, Law Firms and Contract Lobbyists.

General business Members

Members include all other types of businesses, large and small.


All sponsorships are in addition to your annual IACI membership dues. At any time during the year all members are welcome to make contributions towards an IACI event of their choice.

Idaho Prosperity Project

This system provides the tools to our members to help them communicate with employees about issues important to the business community and affecting all idahoans.


Membership Questions?
Contact: Marcia Jedry

P.O. Box 389
Boise, ID 83701

IACI Membership Application

Affiliate Dues

$550 -- Small Chambers (up to 700 members)

$1,100 -- Small Chambers (over to 700 members), Associations, Law Firms and Contract Lobbyists

General Business Dues

Minimum Dues: $550 Maximum Dues: $11,000.00
Maximum Dues Payers are eligible for a seat on the IACI Board of Directors

Dues are determined with the following formula: Your Company-wide Annual Payroll x 0.000759

As a result of the 1993 budget and tax laws, lobbying expenses are no longer deductible for federal income tax purposes. As defined in federal law, approximately 20% of IACI dues are used specifically for lobbying activities. therefore 80% of your dues investments tax-deductible. Annual dues apply to one calendar year.


Diamond: $4,000
Includes sponsorship and visibility at all IACI events, including additional events scheduled throughout the year

Legislative Reception: Gold - $500 -- Silver -$250
Includes sponsorship towards annual IACI legislative reception with member visibility at event showcased by IACI

Public Policy Conference:Gold - $2000 -- Silver $250
Includes sponsorship, visibility and value at ALL venues during the conference.

At any time during the year all members are welcome to make contributions towards an IACI event of their choice.

General Membership

(10 digits, no spaces e.g. 2083321111)

Choose one: Affiliate OR Business

$550 $1,100

* Please note that Annual Payroll number is not saved, used or shared by IACI staff

x 0.000759 =

Yes! I would like to be a Sponsor (choose one below):
No Thanks Diamond Legislative Reception Public Affairs Conference

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